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Emmanuel is a wonderful and very strong stud boy, and has produced some wonderful Toygers including white-bellied Toygers. His contrasts are fabulously golden, which is enhanced by his wonderful and affectionate temperament. He is a true gentleman with a gorgeous face.

He is a fantastic specimen of an excellent Toyger Stud and I look forward to some fantastic Toyger Kittens from him.


Angelica is a pretty and elegant girl and makes the perfect Queen.  I have kept to my promise and looked after her like one of my own children. She is a stunning golden brown silky girl and has the most beautiful face, wonderful hooded eyes, and a great muzzle. She looks just like a Queen Tigress!


She is truly gorgeous and we're looking forward to some spectacular kittens from her and Emmanuel.


Eleanore is my second Queen who is a fabulous addition to my small breeding program.   Eleanore is a beautiful Carmel brown mackerel colour with an absolute stunning muzzle, stripes and markings.  Looking forward to her kittens with Emmanuel.  Exciting year for 2024 watch this space.


Meet My Toygers

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