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Testimonials 2022

What my customers have said about my kittens born 03.11.2022

Carol owner of Bartholomew went to his new home 31/2/2023

After losing my Toyger I was desperate to get another Toyger, found Tiger Fantasy Toygers on the GCCF website noted as a good breeders, and she didn't disappoint us with our Wilson.  Nothing was ever too much to ask and iI had to recommend anyone it would be Susan.  All her kittens are home bred, and you can tell that with our kitten who was awesome from the start never ending purring and litter trained from such a young age. Totally Smitten

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Janis owner of Babylon went to his new home 2/02/2023

I have wanted  to share my life with a Toyger for so long, when the time was right I looked for a breeder. I found Susan at TigerFantasy Toygers. 
Because I have been involved in show dog breeding for 20 years I knew a good breeder when I found one. There are breeders and there are good breeders and Susan has been perfect. Nothing was too much trouble and I went to visit the kittens and see the stud and queen, not only stunning but super temperaments. Temperament and health with breed type was my hope.
My gorgeous, adorable "Hobbes" came home and he has settled in with my two Abyssinians so well, he uses his tray and is very respectful towards my resident cats which is testament to Susan's rearing of her kittens. He is curious, very funny and a delight to be with. My family, grandchildren and friends think he is so beautiful with his glorious stripes and handsome face. He sleeps with me of course and purrs for England 
I feel so lucky to have found Susan and now have a new friend as well as my "Hobbes" 
If you are thinking of a Toyger to share your home then Susan at TigerFantasy Toygers is the best.
Jan and Hobbes


Deen owner of Baruch went on the 31/01/2023

Never could I have imagined what a delight Tigger has brought to me and my family.  Toygers are exceptional cats in every aspect.  They are very vocal and very dog like they tell you when they want food and also when they want a cuddle.  Tigger never stops following us around everywhere and I can only thank Susan for her beautiful kittens and her support throughout Definitely would recommend Susan 100%

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