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My Toygers

My Toygers are rare breed designer cats, born and reared with great care and love in our home.  I became very interested in Toygers around 5 years ago and after careful consideration about the wellbeing of my cats and the facilities they would require, I decided to get involved in owning and breeding these beautiful cats.

Currently, Toygers are classified as a "Young Breed" and although the breed is still evolving, they are recognised by TICA and GCCF (UK) as such.  In addition to this, they have acquired membership of the Toyger Cat Society and Toyger Cat Club UK.  I feel excited and privileged to be involved in the further development of the Toyger breed and to be part of the enhancement of these wonderful and unique cats.

Toyger Breed Features Features: In the USA, the founder Toyger breeder Judy Sugden, imagined a breed of a small domestic cat which would resemble their full sized Tiger cousins as closely as possible.  In simple terms, a Domestic Cat bred to have stripes and resemble a Tiger.  And so the dream began and the Toy-ger started to evolve.  As you may imagine and can see from my pictures, the resemblance is striking and we now have a beautiful representation of a Tiger in a small and unique breed of domestic cat.

Toyger Personalities: As with any human or animal, Toygers possess their own unique and individual personalities.  That said, they are typically and notably loving and affectionate towards their human companions.  They are a truly exceptional species and once you own one, (or rather you allow one to own you), you will never regret it.

Toyger Pricing

As small hobby breeder, with one Stud (Emmanuel) and one Queen (Angelica).  I choose to only have one litter a year. 

 Kittens are therefore only available in very small numbers  My prices reflect the hard work that goes into breeding and developing this rare and beautiful breed. 

Every kitten is unique with some closer to breed standards than others in terms of type, stripe, contrast, and colour. As with many animals, it can take a little time for these features to develop. Price is dependant on these factors.

Your kitten will come with: Health checks; vaccinations; de-worming; spay/neuter and microchip from TICA registration on the non-active register. All kittens will come with a pedigree certificate and are de-wormed. Kittens are sold to indoor homes but can have access to a secure Catio or enclosure. We screen all owners so please take the time to give us a little information about yourselves. In order reserve your special Toyger kitten we require a non-refundable deposit which will be taken off the final purchase price.

toyger breeder UK

Toyger History

Toygers were first introduced and developed by Judy Sugden in the USA. There are now a number of breeders throughout the world working towards the goal of a domestic cat resembling a Tiger as much as possible.

Although the breed is still being developed, Toygers are classed as an official breed with both TICA and GGCF. Tiger Fantasy Toygers is fully registered with TICA.


A Toygers Personality is amazingly Fun, Play and more Play.  But they do have a very soft side and often bond with their new families wholeheartedly. They love to play and are curious but do know when to take a break!  (Usually cuddled up on your lap) taking a well earned rest purring to their hearts content.

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